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i'm the end boss, motherfuck
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Goodbye, Human Race….

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"So this is what humans call… a slam?

Such an intimidating display of skill. Designed not only to score a ‘point’ but also to dishearten one’s opponent and amaze witnesses.

How marvelous!”

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The Evolution of Sunrise Laugh.

Another Note: Why is that Prince Zardoz lookalike guy from Combattler V doing there?

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i cant believe mekakucity actors ending was leaked

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The animation was really nice this episode.

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Track Name: daze
Artist: そらる
daze - soraru
original - jin feat. MARiA (mekakucity actors OP)
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leaving class with all your friends like

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the swinging troubled woodland girl is smiling and cheerful as usual

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remember that other ling/greedling pic i drew two years ago??? well, DON’T, this one is better 

new print for tekkoshocon next week, if i can get it printed in time!!!! HELL YEAH HELL YEAH HELL YEAH HELL YEAH 

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